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Older single women told to head for Gladstone, Qld; 143 single 50-something men in Gladstone, for every 100 single 50-something women

Posted by gasweek on 17 September, 2007

Bernard Salt, demographer, writing in The Australian, (15/9/2007, p.P1) said “Ladies, I have the solution to your daytime dreaming. The 2006 census! Yes, by scanning and filtering every major town in Australia I have worked out where there’s lots of single 50-something men”.

Best 50-something single male odds “But not only that, by comparing single men with single women, I have been able to work out which towns have the best 50-something single male odds. And why not. You’re young. All your girlfriends say you’ve still got it.

43 more 50 + blokes per 100 women: Now, as you know, I cannot vouch for quality, but where would you go in Australia if you were, just for argument’s sake, looking for a fella in his 50s? The place with the best odds is the Queensland town of Gladstone. There are 143 single 50-something men in Gladstone for every 100 single 50-something women.

Gallop to Gladstone, ladies: And do you realise, ladies, that only 15 per cent of 50-something women in Gladstone do not have a partner? In divorce-torn Byron Bay, this proportion is 33 per cent. I must warn you, ladies, that as plentiful as single blokes in their 50s are in Gladstone, this is very much a man’s town.


The Australian, 15/9/2007, p. P1


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