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Gunns plans to convert Tasmania natural gas to LNG, and LPG

Posted by gasweek on 18 September, 2007

Jim Wilkinson, Member for Nelson, Independent, Legislative Council, Parliament of Tasmania, said Gunns was investigating the possibility of converting natural gas to LNG fuel.

LNG from natural gas: Documents submitted to Minister Turnbull submit that Gunns could manufacture LNG from the natural gas that will be available on site using power from the excess of electricity that the mill will generate. The submission claims that converting the log transport trucks servicing the mill from diesel to liquid natural gas would result in a reduction in the usage of 27 million litres of diesel fuel per year. Interestingly, the submission to government also notes that LNG sourced from the production facility at the pulp mill could also be supplied to other transport operators within the State, and some could be converted to compressed natural gas for use by major bus fleets. That has to be a plus as far as our environment is concerned, he said.

Erisk Net, 14/9/2007


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