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Kurds agree that they would get 17pc of Iraq’s oil income from fields already in operation; still arguing over not-yet-discovered fields

Posted by gasweek on 18 September, 2007

The Kurds had agreed that they would get 17 per cent of Iraq’s oil income from fields already in operation. But they are still arguing with the authorities in Baghdad over the management, exploration and contracts in unexploited or not-yet-discovered fields, reported The Economist (8/9/2007, p.48).

Kurdish control of Kirkuk; Iraqi share of oil money? The oil factor is important but not crucial: if Kurdistan stays part of a federal Iraq, the Arabs in the non-oil-rich parts of Iraq would still get a fair share of oil revenues, whether or not Kirkuk is run by the Kurds.

Kurd’s line of influence: Though the Kurd’s line of influence (if not control) extends into some two-thirds of Kirkuk province, there are plenty of blurred areas. Kurds control the towns of Chamchamal, Kifri and Kalar, to the east of Kirkuk city, and hold sway over Khaniquin, near the border with Iran. But other towns, such as Tuz Kurmatu, which has a strong and twitchy Turkmen populace, and Dubus, where Arabs predominate, resist what they see as the Kurd’s expansion into Kirkuk province’s southern half.

The Economist, 8/9/2007, p. 48


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