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NSW: Ombudsman to investi­gate startling claims the State Government has been spying on Liberal MPs

Posted by gasweek on 18 September, 2007

The Ombudsman would investi­gate startling claims the State Government had been spying on Liberal MPs, reported The Age (4/9/2007, p.3). The Opposition last week discovered that all documents faxed to Liberal MP Christine Fyffe since February had been electronically copied and emailed to the office of a Labor MP, Kirstie Marshall. Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu has branded as unethical the Government’s failure to alert Fyffe that it was receiving her private correspondence for seven months.

Anony­mous tip-off in the post: Fyffe received an anony­mous tip-off in the post on Monday last week that her faxes “are still being read” and sent on to other parties by the previous member for Evelyn, Labor’s Heather McTaggart. Ms McTaggart was the MP for Evelyn until Fyffe beat her at the November election. Since February she has worked as parliamentary elector­ate officer for Marshall, the member for Forrest Hill.

Spy versus spy: He wanted the Ombudsman to investigate whether any of the 300-plus documents were passed on to the Premier’s office, and whether other Liberal MPs have been victims. “This is not unlike breaking into an MP’s office and reading their confidential material or going through one’s letterbox and intercepting private mail for seven months,” Baillieu said.

The Age, 4/9/2007, p. 3


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