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APEC was where a “a lame duck president met a dead duck prime minister”: news stories and images, largely negative

Posted by gasweek on 19 September, 2007

According to Mark Day, APEC news stories and images were largely negative . He said last week’s reports from the Northern Territory featured some very angry voters, shouting at the PM as he toured a shopping mall demanding that he get his hands off territory affairs. Placards unsubtly suggested he was not welcome. As a backdrop to the news report, these images convey their own message, in the PM’s case an unwelcome one, he wrote in The Australian, (6/9/2007), p. 40.

Cut to APEC: Concrete and steel barriers turning downtown Sydney into a no-go area, riot police, sniffer dogs, inflatable boats, helicopters, frogmen, snipers on tall buildings and all the paraphernalia you need when you have to protect those who protect our freedoms.

Catapult to a glorious fifth term victory:” If it were the PM’s plan to bask in the glory of hobnobbing with George W. and co, then catapult to a glorious fifth term victory, forgive me for opining that perhaps it has become a little unstuck.

Newspapers tell Howard, to go: The Australian, in an editorial, put the achievements of the 11-year Howard Government under a microscope and came up wanting; yesterday, its Editor-at-Large Paul Kelly suggested it’s time for Howard to take a good hard look at himself and ask if he should remain Liberal leader. Coming from a newspaper widely perceived as supportive of the Government, this is fertile ground for more change and more negative imagery for the incumbents.

The Australian, 6/9/2007, p. 40


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