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Resource deals announced during APEC not the fruit of APEC deliberations, says newspaper

Posted by gasweek on 19 September, 2007

APEC had nothing to do with the numerous resource deals announced during the conference, according to The Age (8/9/2007, p. B3).

Wrong impression: “Imagine how rapidly Australia’s economy would grow if we could persuade President Hu to visit every month! Add to that the Federal Government clearing the way for Russia to import Australian uranium, and you might get the impression that the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum summit has brought more action in resource deals than it has on any of the things the leaders came here to discuss,” The Age said. “Such an impression would be wrong.”

Biggest deals involve LNG: None of these deals owed anything to APEC; it was just that the presidential visits made APEC week a good time to announce them, the newspaper said. The two big ones were both about supplying liquefied natural gas to PetroChina, China’s biggest energy company.

The Age, 8/9/2007, p. B3


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