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$10 per week to fuel scooter, compared with an adult weekly zone 1 Metcard at $27.60

Posted by gasweek on 20 September, 2007

Motor scooter sales are soaring, with Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce figures showing a 40 per cent rise in sales in the year to June compared with the same time last year reported The Age (18/7/2007, p. 3).

Scooter and road bike sales at an all-time high: Their popularity has risen in line with rising fuel prices. But AAMI public affairs manager Geoff Hughes said a survey of Melbourne motorists found many were annoyed with the increased presence of scooters. Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries chief executive Andrew McKellar said scooter sales are on track for an all-time high by the end of the year. He said sales of scooters and road bikes were performing strongly because of their cheaper running costs and the demand for more personal convenience.

Fuel, traffic congestion, public transport and parking the catalyst for sales surge: Paul Jackson of Bike Barn in Elizabeth Street said sales were the busiest he had ever seen. “It’s been a gradual increase, but in the last 18 months it’s kicked off and I think the catalyst has been fuel, traffic congestion, public transport and parking,” Mr Jackson said. VicRoads has reported a 32 per cent rise in the number of motorcycle registrations (including scooters) between 2001 and 2006.

31 per cent in motorcycle injuries and 64 per cent rise in fatalities: But motorcyclists’ injuries have increased by 31 per cent between 1996 and 2001 and there has been a 64 per cent rise in fatalities for the same period. VACC executive director David Purchase said scooter sales were “going through the roof” and the public needed to recognise the trend.

The Age, 18/7/2007, p. 3


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