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Western Australia govt loses staff to higher paying jobs: boom causes mining application backlog

Posted by gasweek on 20 September, 2007

Industry leaders are increasingly frustrated at the slow approvals process, fearing major resources projects may be lost unless the government moves faster, according to The Australian Financial Review (31/8/2007, p. 12).

Department of Industry and Resources becomes dysfunctional: They have also argued that the state’s Department of Industry and Resources, which has lost many senior staff to higher paying jobs in the resources sector, has become dysfunctional. Major projects that have been subject to severe delays include Chevron’s $15 billion Gorgon LNG project and Alcoa’s Wagerup aluminium refinery expansion.

Backlog of mining applications a result of resources boom: Woodside’s Pluto gas project faced more than 400 government approvals before it was signed off last month. WA Resources Minister Fran Logan said yesterday that the backlog of mining applications was a direct result of the resources boom and the $3.5 million over the next three years would allow the DOIR to employ people on contracts to process applications. A major survey to be released today by ResourceStocks magazine shows that Australia — led by the dominant resources state of WA — has slipped from first to eighth, just ahead of Ghana and behind Botswana, when measured on perceptions of risk.

The Australian Financial Review, 31/8/2007, p. 12


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