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Some households not connected to mains gas before end of winter: extend bottled LPG and/or non-mains-metered power rebate, says Victorian MP

Posted by gasweek on 21 September, 2007

Although mains gas supply had been extended to a number of towns in her electorate, it was critical that households not connected before the end of winter continue to receive the rebate for bottled LPG and/or non-mains-metered power, said Joanne Duncan in the Victorian Legislative Assembly on 22 August 2007. Some households may not be connected: Duncan said: “Last winter over 550 households in the Macedon Ranges Shire received a rebate on bottled LPG gas or non-mains-metered power. These concession households rely on bottled LPG and/or non-mains metered power for domestic cooking and heating. I urge the minister to ensure similar rebates for eligible households in my electorate are extended for 2007. While the main reticulation lines into seven towns in the Macedon Ranges have been completed under the natural gas extension program, and individual homes will continue to be connected over the coming months, there will still be eligible households in my electorate who may not be connected before the end of this winter. It is critical these households continue to receive the LPG gas rebate until those connections are complete.”

Alternatives to reticulated gas expensive: “In every town, even when all the reticulation work to individual homes is completed, there will still be homes that, due to their distance from the centre of town, will not be connected,” she said. “These households will continue to rely on bottled gas. Members will be aware of the high cost of LPG and non-mains-metered power. Bottled gas is approximately $88 a bottle — or it was the last time I bought a bottle, about two weeks ago — and in some households these bottles may last little over a week. This means the cost of heating and cooking is very high. Eligible households need this rebate to continue their cooking and heating. Even in a town like Sunbury there are a number of homes — in Emu Bottom, for example — which rely on LPG for their heating, cooking, hot water and so on.”

Reference: Joanne Duncan, Member for Macedon, Legislative Assembly, Victoria, 22 August 2007.

Erisk Net, 26/8/2007


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