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Busted: Jail for bribery and corruption for Han Guoshang, former vice-president of electric power generator maker, Shanghai Electric

Posted by gasweek on 25 September, 2007

Han Guozhang, a former vice-president of electric power gener­ator maker Shanghai Electric was jailed for corruption reported Colleen Ryan in Shanghai, writing for The Australian Financial Review, (25/9/2007).

Sentences of three years, life in jail: Ryan said the Shanghai social security fund scandal, had delivered its first convictions with six men, including the fund’s leader, receiving sentences between three years and life. Those convicted are among the 27 former state officials and businessmen facing trial for bribery and corruption associated with the Shanghai investi­gation. It is alleged that 7 billion yuan, ($1.7 billion) of the 30 billion yuan social security fund was misappropri­ated, according to state media. The sentencing comes just ahead of the five-yearly Communist Party Congress, due to start on 15 October, when the future leadership positions in China are determined.

The Australian Financial Review, 25/9/2007


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