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Energy Ombudsman and internal dispute resolution to apply to NSW small retail customers, supplied by non-NEM islanded networks

Posted by gasweek on 25 September, 2007

GridX’s small retail customers would have access to the energy ombudsman scheme to deal with retail issues/complaints. However, the same customers will not have access to an energy ombudsman on network issues unless specified in the regulations. This is a consequence of GridX not being required to hold a DNSP licence. Additionally, statutory provisions relating to internal customer dispute resolution of network “.

Change to the law needed: The Tribunal considers that to ensure that small retail customers supplied by islanded networks have equivalent rights to customers supplied by the national grid, amendments to ESGR are necessary to enable these customers to have access to the energy ombudsman and internal dispute handling mechanisms in relation to network issues and complaints.”

Reference: Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal, GridX Power Pty Ltd – retailer supplier licence application. Electricity Licensing – Consultation Paper, May 2007. Inquiries regarding this document should be directed to a staff member: Gary Drysdale Phone: (02) 9290 8477 Email: Website:

Erisk Net, 21/8/2007


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