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GridX plans to install generation units, in ‘greenfield’ housing, commercial, industrial and apartment estates

Posted by gasweek on 25 September, 2007

GridX proposed off-grid supply and grid supply. The proposed off-grid supply arrangements were more complicated, and required detailed consideration said the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal, in response to the GridX Power Pty Ltd – retailer supplier licence application.

GridX Grid supply method: The grid supply was where customers were connected to the national electricity grid but received supplementary supplies from on-site generation. GridX proposes to install generation units, for example in commercial buildings, to provide a supplementary and independent supply to these customers. This was claimed to reduce costs and increase sustainability for those customers. In some cases, on-site generation would supplement grid supply where peak load requirements are constrained.

Off-grid supply: Customers in this case were not connected to the grid and were fully supplied by on-site generation. GridX planned to install distributed generation systems to service ‘greenfield’ housing, commercial, industrial and apartment estates. The GridX system would generate electricity from natural gas fired small generating units embedded within an electricity network situated on the estate. The electricity and waste heat produced by the generating units will supply electricity and hot water to the residences on the estate. Any excess electricity will be exported to the national grid.

Single connection point: The GridX network will be connected to the national electricity grid at a single connection point and the GridX network will be designed and built so that it is unable to import electricity or take a reverse feed from the national electricity grid. The GridX network is thus operating as an “islanded network” for the purposes of conveying electricity to customers. The GridX system will mainly be installed in locations where the existing electricity distribution network may be unable to support the electricity requirements of the commercial and housing estate because of constraints on the system.

The Tribunal has received an application for an electricity retail supplier licence from GridX Power Pty Ltd (ACN 100 209 354) (GridX). The Tribunal is responsible for making a recommendation to the Minister for Energy about whether a licence should be granted and if so, what conditions should be imposed. GridX’s proposed supply arrangements vary considerably from traditional retail supply arrangements. In its application to the Tribunal and subsequent correspondence. Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal, GridX Power Pty Ltd – retailer supplier licence application. Electricity Licensing – Consultation Paper, May 2007. Inquiries regarding this document should be directed to a staff member: Gary Drysdale Phone: (02) 9290 8477 Email: Website:

Erisk Net, 21/8/2007


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