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Israel declares energy-war: Israel cuts fuel and power supplies to the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, an “enemy entity”

Posted by gasweek on 25 September, 2007

Israel has declared the Gaza Strip an “enemy entity” and said it would reduce its fuel and power supplies to the Hamas-­run territory in response to rocket attacks by Palestinian militants. Hamas described the move, which coincides with a visit to the region by the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, to promote a US-proposed Middle East peace conference, as a de­claration of war, reported
The Sydney Morning Herald, (20/9/2007, p. 10). By formally defining the Gaza Strip an enemy entity Israel could argue that it cannot be bound by international law, which requires it to supply utilities to the popu­lation of 1.5 million.

Israel aims to starve us, says Hamas: “They aim to starve our people and force them to bow and accept humiliating formulas that could emerge from the so-called November peace conference,” a Hamas spokes­man, Fawzi Barhoum, said. The Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert’s office said his se­curity cabinet approved the “en­emy entity” declaration and there would be “limitations on imports to the Gaza Strip and a reduction in the supply of fuel and electricity”. Olmert has been under pressure from right-wing mem­bers of his government to order a military operation in the Gaza Strip to try to curb frequent cross-border rocket attacks.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 20/9/2007, p. 10


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