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Linc Energy produces gas from its Queensland underground coal gasification project

Posted by gasweek on 26 September, 2007

Brisbane-based Linc Energy had begun to generate and produce gas from its under­ground coal gasification project at Chinchilla, reported The Courier Mail (4/9/2007, p. 61).

Flaring gas: The group, which was hoping to turn Chinchilla gas into clean diesel — and which had a string of other potential projects on the drawing boards in Australia and offshore — began flaring gas at the field on Friday, the newspaper reported.

Conversion plant to open this year: Linc was building an under­ground coal gas to liquids demonstration plant at Chin­chilla which it was hoping to commission late this year, the newspaper reported. Linc said it would continue to improve and adjust the UCG operations to ensure the best quality of UCG (Syngas) would be available as feedstock for the demonstration plant.

The Courier Mail, 4/9/2007, p. 61


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