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Northern Territory Chief Minister Martin woos Japan, seeks to creep Ichthys LNG project up the Western Australia coast, across the NT border

Posted by gasweek on 26 September, 2007

Northern Territory Chief Minister Clare Martin had had top-level talks in Japan aimed at wrestling the multi-billion-dollar Ichthys LNG project away from Western Australia, reported Nigel Wilson, energy writer, for The Australian, (22/9/2007), p. 35.

The move was a direct challenge to WA Premier Alan Carpenter’s controversial gas policy that re­quires LNG proponents needing onshore facilities to reserve 15 per cent of their gas for domestic use.

Martin meets the chair of Ichthys: Martin has told Japanese government ministers and the executives from Ichthys devel­oper Inpex, including its chair­man, Kunihiko Matsuo, that ship­ping Ichthys gas to Darwin would get around that policy.

Use Darwin, not Broome: The Chief Minister has been promoting Darwin as a leading centre for gas development with the aim of building the Terri­tory’s economy through the con­struction of gas-based industry. Inpex has proposed an LNG plant be built on the remote Maret Islands in the Bonaparte Archipelago about 35km off the Kimberley coast and has already hosted traditional owners on a visit to Japan in a bid to secure native title approval.

The Australian, 22/9/2007, p. 35


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