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Effect of rising oil costs to be considered at first Cabinet chaired by new Queensland Premier Anna Bligh

Posted by gasweek on 28 September, 2007

A major new report warning of a looming social crisis because of rising oil costs was to be considered at the first Cabinet to be chaired by new Queens­land Premier Anna Bligh, reported The Courier Mail (17/9/2007, p. 9). Comprehensive response to oil issues planned: Ms Bligh said yesterday that the Minister for Sustainability, Climate Change and Inno­vation, Andrew McNamara, would today bring to Cabinet the report revealed in The Courier-Mail on Saturday. “We will be looking at de­veloping a comprehensive gov­ernment response over the next few months,” Ms Bligh said. “The question of oil supply is one not only for Australia and Queensland but for the world. I think people understand it is ultimately a finite resource and we need to think carefully how we’re using oil. We need to look at investment in alterna­tives and we need to look at how we can use less by using public transport and other means. I will be charging Andrew McNamara to bring forward a comprehensive re­sponse for the Government to take to the public.”

The Courier Mail, 17/9/2007, p. 9


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