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New doctorine of People’s Liberation Army described as “pressure point warfare” – the attacking of specific nodes to paralyse adversary

Posted by gasweek on 28 September, 2007

Chinese hackers, some believed to be from the People’s Liberation Army, had been attacking the computer networks of British government departments, according to Richard Norton-Taylor in The Sydney Morning Herald (6/9/2007, p. 14). Chinese hackers also active last year: The hackers had hit the net­work at the Foreign Office as well as those in other key departments, according to British officials. Britain’s Ministry of Defence had declined to say whether it had been hit. An incident last year that shut down part of the House of Commons computer system, first thought to be by an individual, was discovered to be the work of an organised Chinese hacking group.

Chinese target Pentagon: The disclosures came after re­ports that the Chinese military had hacked into a Pentagon mili­tary computer network in June. The Financial Times said American officials called it the most successful cyber attack on the US Defence Department. The Chinese Government had denied the People’s Liberation Army was responsible.

Four years of “pressure point” warfare: Alex Neill, a China expert and the head of the Asia Security Program at the Royal United Ser­vices Institute, said cyber attacks by the Chinese had been going on for at least four years. He de­scribed the reported attack on the Pentagon as the “most flagrant and brazen to date”. He said such attacks reflected a new doctrine of the People’s Liberation Army described as “pressure point warfare” – the attacking of specific nodes to leave the adversary paralysed. The attacks on the Pentagon’s computer system were described by Sandra Bell, head of the institute’s homeland security de­partment, as “very much a wake-up call”. She said: “The Chinese see no difference be­tween asymmetric warfare and conventional warfare.”

The Sydney Morning Herald, 6/9/2007, p. 14


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