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Next stop, Vladivostok: Russia officially states readiness to chair APEC in 2012

Posted by gasweek on 28 September, 2007

Russia had officially stated its readiness to chair APEC in 2012, Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote in The Australian (7/9/2007, p. 16). See you in Vladivostok: “And it is not by chance that we have suggested the summit be held in the eastern part of our country, in the city of Vladivostok. The meeting will allow a detailed discussion of the future of the region and its progress towards sustainable and stable develop­ment”.

Russia’s energy infrastructure anti-terror system: “It would not be the first time important APEC events have taken place in the Russian far east. The Russian Federation is consistently strengthening its positions in these impor­tant spheres of regional co-operation. Our country has been making a notable contribution to APEC counter-terrorism activities. This year, for example, we put forward an initiative to set up a system to protect critical energy infrastructure facilities against terrorist attacks. We actively co-operate with other forum member states to cut off financial chan­nels feeding terrorists and to counter corruption.

Putin for “dialogue between cultures “: “Finally, starting from last year, our country has been co-sponsoring a broad dialogue between cultures within APEC to help protect our societies, particularly the youth, from xenophobia and ethnic or religious intolerance.

Russia spruiks emergency-management credentials: “Russia pioneered work on managing the consequences of natural and man­made emergencies and designing a system of information-sharing and co-ordinated response to epidemic and pandemic outbreaks. Moreover, we have unswerv­ingly supported progress towards regional energy security.

Reference: Vladimir Putin is the first Russian or Soviet leader to visit Australia.

The Australian, 7/9/2007, p. 16


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