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NSW rules for offgrid electricity supply, set by GridX Power application precedent

Posted by gasweek on 28 September, 2007

GridX Power application precedent has set rules for off grid generation. The tariffs were to be no higher than grid electricity. The rules set these definitions and controls:

An Islanded distribution system means a distribution system:

• is not a licensed distribution system; and

• is not connected to a licensed distribution system;

• means a distribution system that is operated under the authority of a distribution network service provider’s licence; and

Tariffs: Unless otherwise approved by the Tribunal, the maximum amount that the Licence Holder may charge for the supply of a quantity of electricity during a particular period to the premises of a customer that are connected to an islanded distribution system is the amount that the standard retail supplier in whose supply district the premises are located would have charged under a standard form customer supply contract for a similar quantity of electricity supplied during the same period.

Reference: Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal, GridX Power Pty Ltd – retailer supplier licence application. Electricity Licensing – Consultation Paper, May 2007. Inquiries regarding this document should be directed to a staff member: Gary Drysdale Phone: (02) 9290 8477 Email: Website:

Erisk Net, 21/8/2007


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