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Protesters, police square off in Hyde Park amid Sydney APEC meeting; tomato sauce squirter charged with assault

Posted by gasweek on 28 September, 2007

In the first sizeable gathering of anti-war protesters on 6 September, two people were arrested during a demonstration of about 200 people in Hyde Park, reported The Sydney Morning Herald (7/9/2007, p.9). Tomato sauce attack: A 37-year-old Queensland man was charged with assault after al­legedly squirting officers and a pro-Bush banner with tomato sauce, while another man was ar­rested after a scuffle with police.

Water cannon on alert, but not used: At one stage, the police water cannon was driven into position as protesters attracted by a motor­cade spilled on to the road in front of the Sheraton on the Park. Riot squad police marched in to guard the hotel, where several world leaders are staying. Among the protest events was a “21-bum salute”, in which about 50 “Bums for Bush” protesters bared their bottoms in the drizzl­ing rain to symbolise their dis­taste for the US President.

Protestors claim police talk up violence unfairly: Police had approved the march for 7 September, which was to begin with a rally at Town Hall at 10am, then head along Park Street to Hyde The commander of the Public Order and Riot Squad, Chief Superintendent Stephen Cullen, said he feared anarchist groups would infiltrate the protest and whip it into a violent mob. But a spokesman for the Stop Bush Coalition, Alex Bainbridge, in­sisted the march would be peace­ful and police predictions of violence were propaganda. “They’re trying to use the talk about violence to disguise the real issues we’re raising at the protest rally,” he said.

Melbourne man caught by NSW police: Meanwhile, a Melbourne man named on the police APEC ex­clusion list will be extradited to Victoria after he was arrested in Sydney over 16 charges relating to last year’s G20 conference.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 7/9/2007, p. 9


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