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Grain Pool signs historic 10 year agreement with Primary Energy: 500,000 metric tonnes of grain consumed, 160 million litres of ethanol produced plus useful by-products

Posted by gasweek on 4 October, 2007

The Grain Pool had signed an historic 10 year agreement to supply grain to Primary Energy’s proposed bio-fuel facility in Kwinana, with accu­mulation set to commence during the 2008-09 harvest, reported Farm Weekly (20/9/2007, p. 20).

160 million litres of ethanol: The Primary Energy plant would consume up to 500,000 metric tonnes of grain, primarily wheat and barley, and produce at least 160 million litres of ethanol for blending into local fuels to be dis­tributed by PB, Farm Weekly reported. The plant would also produce more than 100,000t of semi-organic broadacre fertiliser and other pro­tein-based co-products for export and domestic use.

Additional options for WA grain growers: Grain Pool general manager Andy Crane said the supply agreement would expand the domestic grain market options for Western Australian grain growers. “Accumulation for the bio-fuel industry is a crit­ical and emerging market for the grains industry,” Crane said. The ethanol plant would be located directly adjacent to the CBH Group export terminal in the Kwinana industrial area and it was intended the plant would be serviced by a conveyor link direct from the CBH Kwinana Grain Terminal.

Farm Weekly, 20/9/2007, p. 20


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