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Lots of land in WA boom areas; problem is getting builders to build houses on lots, says WA Minister

Posted by gasweek on 11 October, 2007

The West Australian Government was doing its best, in asociation with industry, to get houses built in mining and resource areas, said Alannah MacTiernan, Labor Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, in the Legislative Assembly of Western Australia (5/9/2007).

Builders hard to get: “We have been releasing lots in Karratha at a frantic pace. Teams of civil construction workers are based in Karratha permanently. As one lot is released, the D9s roll on to the next lot. Indeed, over the past 18 months we have released some 340 lots. Another 240 lots will be released over the next six months and another 360 in the six months after that, and there are another 800 for which planning is being fast-tracked. There is lots and lots of land in Karratha. One of the problems we have is that it is very hard to get a builder to build a house on those lots. We have been bringing builders into the area.

Industry partnership: “We ran an expo a couple of weeks ago in relation to builders from around Australia who can build with rapid construct products. That was quite successful, but we need to do more. I am pleased to announce two initiatives that we have developed. Firstly, we have just signed a deal with Woodside under which Woodside will allocate 50 housing units from its Pluto construction camp to LandCorp. We will set aside those for the building workers who will build houses on the land that we have been releasing. Most of those will be on the ground by the end of the year. That will make it a helluva lot easier to get builders. At the moment, there is nowhere for the builders to sleep, so it is very difficult to get builders to build houses. Once those 50 lots have been secured, that will help deal with that problem.

WA boomtime: “Secondly, today we are seeking expressions of interest for an entirely new construction camp that, through LandCorp, we will be managing. It will be a 1,000-bed construction camp, 40 per cent of which will be set aside for home builders. Usually, these construction camps are for the builders of the facilities for the mining company, but we will make sure that construction facilities are available to help us help the homebuyers get their homes built on the land we are churning out. We are going that extra mile to help the people of the Pilbara to cope with the amazing opportunities and challenges that are being presented by this boom,” MacTiernan added.

Alannah Joan Geraldine MacTiernan, Member for Armadale, Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, Australan Labor Party, Legislative Assembly, Western Australia, 5 September 2007: Housing in Karratha

Erisk Net, 5/9/2007


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