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New Queensland ethanol plant gets $2.2 million funding, will create 400 jobs in construction phase

Posted by gasweek on 17 October, 2007

A new ethanol plant fuelled by 200,000 tonnes of corn, wheat, sorghum and bar­ley was to be built at Casino, in the far north-east of Queensland, within two years wrote Shan Goodwin in The Land (11/10/2007, p. 6).

Funding boost of $2.2 million: The bio-energy project had received a Federal Government funding boost on 10 October to the tune of $2.2 million when Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile was in town. The money would go towards a business plan and preparation of a prospectus, with the devel­opment application already with the local council. A massive 85 new direct jobs and 600 indirect jobs would be cre­ated in the long term, with as many as 400 jobs in the con­struction phase.

Safe grain-growing area major attraction: Managing director of Bio-En Australia, Craig Wilkinson, based in Tabulam, had said what made the North Coast plant different from other proposed plants around the country was the safe and underdeveloped grain-growing potential of the region. “The strong beef, dairy and pork industries in this region will also provide a ready-made market for the byproducts of ethanol production, another critical driver of the success of such proposals.” About 170,000 tonnes of wet distiller’s grain would be produced per annum for livestock feed while, at a later stage, biomass would be supplied as a fuel for an onsite co-generation plant, which would produce green electricity to be sold back to the State grid.

Other primary industries will not suffer: While production of grains was already increasing in the area, Wilkinson had said it was unlike­ly other primary industries would suffer as a result. The funding had been made avail­able under the Sustainable Reg­ions program, which helped reg­ional communities facing eco­nomic, social and environmen­tal change.

The Land, 11/10/2007, p. 6


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