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Indicators suggest a move in the spot price of uranium to $US90 a pound by early 2008; up to $US120 a pound by late 2008

Posted by gasweek on 11 October, 2007

John Wilson, managing director, Resource Capital Research, Warwick Grigor, managing director, Far East Capital, a Sydney-based private investment bank specialising in the resources sector, and Michael Angwin, executive director, Australian Uranium Association, answered questions about the price of uranium, reported The Australian Financial Review (10/10/2007, p. 34).

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North Korea will disable its 5 megawatt nuclear reactor and its nuclear fuel fabrication facility and will receive 1 million tonnes of heavy fuel oil in return

Posted by gasweek on 9 October, 2007

According to Arshad Mohammed and Paul Eckert in Washington, North Korea could begin to de­clare its entire nuclear program as early as next week and disable its main nuclear complex by the end of December, reported The Advertiser, (5/10/2007), p. 36. In return, it could receive 50,000 tonnes of heavy fuel oil from Wash­ington this month, a senior U.S. official said yesterday. The nuclear agreement was un­veiled by China, with North Korea saying it would disable the three main nuclear facilities at its Yongbyon site and provide a “com­plete and correct” declaration of all of its nuclear programs by the end of the year.

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Qantas modifies fuel policy for flights to Perth airport after jet from Singapore aborts two landings and issues a mayday

Posted by gasweek on 2 October, 2007

Qantas has modified its fuel policy for flights to Perth airport after a jet from Singapore aborted two landings and issued a mayday before landing in fog, because it was unable to get to a suitable alternative airport, reported The Australian (24/08/07, p. 42).

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Fed Govt prefers voluntary fuel efficiency targets to mandatory CO2 emission standards for motor vehicles

Posted by gasweek on 18 September, 2007

Federal Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Malcolm Turnbull, responding to written questions by Labor MP John Murphy, said in the Federal House of Representatives on 11 September 2007 that the government had not set carbon dioxide emission standards for motor vehicles, whether imported to Australia or made locally, but relied on a voluntary national average fuel consumption target.

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Secret ingredient in tank fuel-pill – mothballs – raises $10m to $100m from 1200 investors for naphthalene additive

Posted by gasweek on 15 September, 2007

Investigations by the Herald have led to three inquiries into Firepower, which is estimated to have raised between $10 million and $100 million from about 1200 investors, including many sports stars. Now independent university test carried out for theThe Sydney Morning Herald reveal what goes into the Firepower Pill. One of the secret ingredients in a fuel pill that has helped underpin multi-million-dollar sponsorships in three sporting codes was revealed – and it’s the same compound used in mothballs, reported The Sydney Morning Herald (8/8/2007, p. 1).
Firepower Cartoon
Firepower a sponsor of major sporting codes: The pills, which promise to improve fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions when added to a tank of fuel, are marketed by Firepower, sponsor of the Sydney Kings basketball team, the South Sydney Rabbitohs rugby league team and the Western Force rugby union team in Perth.

Naphthalene compound the main ingredient: One of the main ingredients in the Western Force-branded pill is a naphthalene compound, a toxin with the familiar smell once found in sock drawers. Naphthalene mothballs have been used in car enthusiasts as a homemade octane booster for decades.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 8/8/2007, p. 1

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